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Marine Mammal Photo ID Intern
15-20 hours/week for  15 weeks
This intern will be responsible for assisting the Boats Coordinator on photo IDing blue whales, fin whales, and humpback whales during our daily whale watching cruises, as well as interpreting data to guests at the Aquarium.
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to

*         Taking dorsal fin photos of animals encountered during daily cruises,

*         Maintain detailed data logs of sightings and enter them into ACESS databases

*         Answer questions and interpreting for guests on board.

*         Photo processing and IDing individual whales seen during daily trips

*         Create a project to display to Aquarium guests using whale data

*         Aid with hydrophone equipment

*         Must be 18 or over

*         Major/ed  in biology, marine biology, or conservation a plus

*         Lift a maximum of 50 lbs
Knowledge and Skills

*         Each applicant must have a broad knowledge of ecological and biological principles, especially those relating to marine habitats.

*         Ability to spend many hours standing especially on a boat

*         Experience working with digital SLR camera's a plus but not required

*         Experience in data entry, preferably with Microsoft Access

*         Comfortable speaking in front of large groups

*         Have excellent oral and written communication skills

  *   Be able to demonstrate exceptional leadership qualities
  *   Ability to work independently and with a diverse group of people


To apply, submit an online application from our website at: http://www.aquariumofpacific.org/volunteer/college_internships/
Applications for Fall internship are due July 15, 2016

James Stewart
Education Coordinator
Aquarium of the Pacific
jstewart at lbaop.org<mailto:jstewart at lbaop.org>

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