[MARMAM] requesting short-finned pilot whale samples for taxonomic study

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NOAA's Southwest Fisheries Science Center has been working to complete a
global genetic analysis of short-finned pilot whale taxonomy, expanding on
data already generated primarily from the eastern and central Pacific, in
order to resolve several taxonomic questions about the species using
mitogenomes and nuclear SNPs. Our goal is to add approximately 150
mitogenomes and 100 nuclear samples to our current data set.

We have limited numbers of samples outside of the eastern Pacific, the
Hawaiian Islands and the Mariana Islands, so we are looking for additional
short-finned pilot whale samples from target areas. Priority areas for us

Southern Hemisphere
Western Pacific
Indian Ocean
Eastern Atlantic

If anyone in the MARMAM community has samples they would be willing to
share, please contact us directly. In large studies like this we have many
sample contributors, so in order to be fair and keep authorship lists under
control, we typically offer co-authorship only when the number of samples
is a substantial portion of the total, though we make exceptions for
particularly important sample locations.

Thank you,
Amy Van Cise
Phil Morin
Karen Martien

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