[MARMAM] New publication on archaic toothed fossil mysticete

Ewan Fordyce ewan.fordyce at otago.ac.nz
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This article on a new fossil species, Mammalodon hakataramea, has just been published:
Fordyce RE, Marx FG 2016. Mysticetes baring their teeth: a new fossil whale, Mammalodon hakataramea, from the Southwest Pacific. Memoirs of Museum Victoria 74: 107-116. Abstract: A small, toothed fossil cetacean from Hakataramea Valley (South Canterbury, New Zealand) represents a new Late Oligocene species, Mammalodon hakataramea. The new material is from the Kokoamu Greensand (Duntroonian Stage, about 27 Ma, early to middle Chattian) of the Canterbury Basin, and thus about 2 Ma older than the only other species included in this genus, Mammalodon colliveri (Late Oligocene, Victoria, Australia). The anterior pedicle of the tympanic bulla is not fused to the periotic and resembles that of Delphinidae in basic structure. The teeth show extreme attritional and/or abrasive wear, which has obliterated the crowns. Like Mammalodon colliveri, M. hakataramea was probably raptorial or a benthic suction feeder. Keywords: systematics, evolution, stratigraphy, anatomy, New Zealand, Osedax
Download here:

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