[MARMAM] Article on Recent Sightings of Mediterranean Monk Seals in Antalya Bay, Turkey

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Dear MARMAM readers,Our last article on  "Recent Sightings of the Mediterranean MonkSeal Monachus monachus and Evaluationof Anthropogenic Activities with Recommended Conservation Implications inAntalya Bay, Turkey" just got online in the Monachus Guardian.
I hope you will enjoy reading it.
You can find the link to the article in below.P.S. We would like to carry on a photo-ID project for monk seals in Antalya Bay. We have determined possible caves and we know that the area is hot spot at least for some individual seals. However as a really young NGO, we dont have the photo traps to carry the project further.  So if you are interested in any kind of collabration on the subject, we are more than  happy to discuss the options.Recent sightings of the Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus and evaluation of anthropogenic activities with recommended conservation implications in Antalya Bay, Turkey « The Monachus Guardian – Headlines – News – Articles

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Recent sightings of the Mediterranean m...
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