[MARMAM] Dolphin Biology Weeks in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece

Giovanni Bearzi giovanni.bearzi at gmail.com
Sun Jul 17 05:13:36 PDT 2016

A few places are still available to join field researchers for a 'Dolphin
Biology Week' in the Gulf of Corinth, Greece.

This offers an opportunity of monitoring dolphins and other fauna together
with marine biologists who have been studying Mediterranean cetaceans for a
long time.

Programme: Data collection during boat surveys and informal seminars on
marine research and conservation.

Weeks: 11-17 August and 11-17 September 2016.

For information: http://www.dolphinbiology.org/weeks/

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Giovanni Bearzi, Ph.D.
President, Dolphin Biology and Conservation <http://www.dolphinbiology.org/>

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