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Alexandra Tyrrell atyrrell at csumb.edu
Fri Jul 15 08:27:51 PDT 2016

Moss Landing Marine Labs is hiring volunteer positions working with trained
rescued and and un-releasable California sea lions.We are a long term care
facility located in Moss Landing, California in the center of the Monterey
Bay. There is often an image of glamour associated with training marine
mammals and it is important that when applying to volunteer you know
exactly what the true reality is. The animals need to be cared for 365 days
a year, *rain*or *shine*. The job is *wet*, *dirty* and *often cold*. It is
also physically demanding, and you must be in reasonably good health and
able to lift 50 lbs.  You have to*love* *animals* to work here. You will go
home smelling like fish, bleach and dirt every day that you work and you
will be working for free.  You will also go home having learned something
new and exciting every day that you work.

Volunteers are hired on a three-month trial basis. There is a *one-year
minimum* commitment working at least one full day a week at this level, but
we’re really looking for people who want longer commitments. All volunteers
start at the Animal Care level where they learn basic husbandry tasks
associated with taking care of the sea lions.  When volunteers finally
leave our program, they often leave for jobs in the industry all over the

If you are still interested in applying please send a resume and an
application back to us here at S.L.E.W.T.H.S (Science, Learning and
Exploration With the Help of Sea lions).  Please be sure that you have read
our web site before applying.  There you can find information on not only
our animals and current staff, but also current and past research projects
and educational programs.  Please see: http://slewths.mlml.calstate.edu

You can return your application and resume, or direct any questions, to our
Senior Trainer, Michelle Jones at slewths at mlml.calstate.edu.
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