[MARMAM] Seminar Series starts today: Species in the Spotlight Series, Part 1 of 9: Species and Overview

Tracy Gill - NOAA Federal tracy.gill at noaa.gov
Wed Jul 13 06:00:24 PDT 2016

*OneNOAA Science Seminar Series* - please forward to folks who might be
interested; thanks.

*Title: Species in the Spotlight Series, Part 1 of 9: Species and Overview*

*When: *TODAY, July 13, 12-1pm ET

*Where:  *Via webinar (see login info below) or at NOAA SSMC4, Rm 8150

Speaker: Therese Conant, Fisheries Biologist, Endangered Species
Conservation Division, Office of Protected Resources, National Marine
Fisheries Service, NOAA

Sponsor: NOAA's National Ocean Service Science Seminar; seminar host is
tracy.gill at noaa.gov

Webinar Login Info: Mymeeting webinar uses phone for and internet. Audio is
only available over the phone: dial toll-free from US or CAN:
1-877-708-1667. Enter code 7028688#
For the webcast, go to www.mymeetings.com  Under "Participant Join", click
"Join an Event", then add conf no: 744925156. No is code needed for the
web. Be sure to install the correct plug‐in for WebEx before the seminar
starts (temporary plugin works fine).

Abstract: In May 2015, NOAA Fisheries released the Recovering Threatened
and Endangered Species FY 2013-2014 Report to Congress and launched
'Species in the Spotlight', an initiative focused on stabilizing
populations of eight endangered species at very high risk of extinction.
With this effort we are marshaling our resources to turn around the decline
towards extinction of these eight species by focusing efforts to  stabilize
their populations by 2020 and put them on the road to recovery.  In just
one year, the initiative has resulted in benefits for the Spotlight
Species. Examples of success include California's commitment to extend
their Fisheries Restoration Grants Program to the Central Valley to support
projects that may benefit Sacramento Winter-Run Chinook and an increase in
funding from Maine for culvert removals to increase passage for fish,
including Atlantic Salmon.

*Species in the Spotlight Seminar Series: *

July 13, 12-1pm ET: Part 1 - Species in the Spotlight  Overview

by Therese Conant, Fisheries Biologist, Endangered Species Cons. Div.,
Res., NMFS

July 20, 2-3pm ET: Part 2 - Hawaiian Monk Seal

by Angela Amlin, Monk Seal Recovery Coordinator (acting), Pacific Islands
Region, NMFS

July 27,12-1pm ET: Part 3 - Atlantic Salmon
by Dan Kircheis, Fishery Biologist, Protected Resources Div., Greater
Atlantic Region, NMFS

Aug 3, 2-3pm ET: Part 4 - White Abalone
by Melissa Neuman, Nat’l Res. Specialist, Protected Resources Div., West
Coast, NMFS

Aug 10,12-1pm ET: Part 5 - Central California Coho Salmon
by Charlotte Ambrose, CA Programs Coordinator, West Coast Region, NMFS

Aug 17, 2-3pm ET: Part 6 - Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle
by Scott Benson, Research Fish Biologist, Protected Resources Div. SWFSC,

Aug 24,12-1pm ET: Part 7 - Sacramento River Winter-run Chinook Salmon

by Brian Ellrott,  Recovery Coordinator, West Coast Region, NMFS

Aug 31, 12-1pm ET: Part 8 - Southern Resident Killer Whale
by Lynne Barre, Marine Species Branch Chief, Protected Resources Div, WCR,

and possibly

Sep 7: 2-3pm ET: Part 9 - *Cook Inlet Beluga Whale*

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