[MARMAM] We are pleased to announce the publication of a new paper:

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Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new paper:

M.M. MacKay, B. Würsig, C.E. Bacon, and J.D. Selwyn. 2016. North Atlantic
humpback whale (*Megaptera novaeangliae*) hotspots defined by bathymetric
features off western Puerto Rico. Canadian Journal of Zoology
94(7):517-527, 10.1139/cjz-2015-0198


North Atlantic humpback whales (*Megaptera novaeangliae* (Borowski, 1781))
are increasing in number, necessitating current data from winter areas for
assessing potential interactions with humans. Occurrence patterns of
humpback whales wintering off Puerto Rico were investigated to predict
where whales aggregate in nearshore areas. Here we describe the
relationship between group associations of humpback whales and bathymetric
features off western Puerto Rico. Data were collected from 2011 to 2014.
Effort consisted of 240.9 vessel h, 13.0 aerial h, and 303.6 h of land
observations conducted over 165 days. A total of 197 humpback whale groups
were observed with n = 331 individuals: 91 (46.2%) singletons, 67 (34%)
dyads, 17 (8.6%) mother–calf pairs, 8 (4.1%) competitive groups, 8 (4.1%)
mother–calf–escort groups, and 6 (3.1%) mixed-species associations. A
linear regression model supported that group composition correlated with
hotspots associated with four bathymetric features. Dyads and competitive
groups were dispersed among features in deeper water. Singletons were
observed farther from a shelf edge, whereas singing males were closely
associated with a shelf edge. Mother–calf pairs occurred nearshore in
shallow water; however, when mother–calf pairs were sighted with an escort,
they were offshore. This study is especially important ahead of possible
removal from the Endangered Species list.


If you are unable to download the article, send an email request to:
mithriel at marine-eco.org

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Director of Research and Education
Marine and Coastal Ecology Research Center Inc.
Gainesville, Florida
Research station: Boqueron, Puerto Rico, USA

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