[MARMAM] Grieving striped dolphin

Giovanni Bearzi giovanni.bearzi at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 20:40:14 PDT 2016

Dear list members,

we observed and filmed what looked like grieving behaviour by a striped
dolphin towards a conspecific.

The video can be viewed at:

While we are aware of similar behaviours by other cetacean species, we would
be interested in learning about cases of apparent grieving involving striped
dolphins Stenella coeruleoalba. Thank you for any information you may

Giovanni Bearzi, Silvia Bonizzoni and Bernd Würsig

For communications please write to: giovanni.bearzi#gmail.com (replace #
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Giovanni Bearzi, Ph.D.
President, Dolphin Biology and Conservation <http://www.dolphinbiology.org/>
Faculty Member and Associate Research Scientist, Texas A&M University
Research Associate, OceanCare <http://www.oceancare.org>

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