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A. Mel Cosentino orcinus.orca.1758 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 15:32:23 PDT 2016

Dear MARMAMers

I am compiling information
​on ​
marine or aquatic bushmeat, that is the use of products derived from marine
mammals (especially small cetaceans and sirenians) in South and Southeast
Asia. These uses include from human consumption and bait to medicinal uses.
These products can be obtained through directed (illegal or unregulated)
hunts or bycath and strandings.

​The information collected will be used to write a report, which is as part
of a series of reports on the subject of aquatic bushmeat, with the aim to
understand the scale of the issue at a global level. The first two have
been presented at the IWC Scientific Committee meeting last June in Bled,
Slovenia. These will be available soon.​

Please contact me at orcinus.orca.1758 at gmail.com if you have any published
or unpublished material (e.g., scientific articles, reports), news, or
contact details of people/organisations that could provide me with further

Thank you in advance,

Mel Cosentino

*A. Mel Cosentino*

*"*The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do
nothing*" - *E. Burke

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