[MARMAM] Data collaboration request on bending dorsal fins in free-ranging cetaceans

filipe.alves at ciimarmadeira.org filipe.alves at ciimarmadeira.org
Wed Jul 6 03:57:21 PDT 2016

Dear colleagues,

We are preparing a review paper, including new records, on bending 
dorsal fins in free-ranging cetaceans, which is poorly documented.
Being sure of similar events recorded worlwide, we invite you to 
collaborate in this study, offering co-authorship.
If you have such type of data and would like to joint this study please 
send email to:
filipe.alves at ciimarmadeira.org

Thanks in advance,

Filipe Alves
Marine biologist, PhD
Oceanic Observatorium of Madeira - ARDITI

CV and publications:

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