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Dear colleagues,

We would like to announce the recent publication of the following paper:

"Acoustic Habitat of an Oceanic Archipelago in the Southwestern Atlantic"
authored by Lis Bittencourt, Mariana Barbosa, Eduardo Secchi, José
Lailson-Brito Jr., and Alexandre Azevedo
Deep-Sea Research Part I, 115, 103-111 - 2016.

Abstract: Underwater soundscapes can be highly variable, and in natural
conditions are often dominated by bio- logical signals and physical
features of the environment. Few studies, however, focused on oceanic is-
lands soundscapes. Islands in the middle of ocean basins can provide a good
example of how untouched marine soundscapes are. Autonomous acoustic
recordings were carried out in two different seasons in Trindade-Martin Vaz
Archipelago, Southwestern Atlantic, providing nearly continuous data for
both periods. Sound levels varied daily and between seasons. During summer,
higher frequencies were noisier than lower frequencies, with snapping
shrimp being the dominating sound source. During winter, lower frequencies
were noisier than higher frequencies due to humpback whale constant
singing. Biological signal detection had a marked temporal pattern, playing
an important role in the soundscape. Over 1000 humpback whale sounds were
detected hourly during winter. Fish vocalizations were detected mostly
during night time during both summer and winter. The results show an
acoustic habitat dominated by biological sound sources and highlight the
importance of the island to humpback whales in winter.

The article can be downloaded at:

The corresponding author can be found at: lis.bitt at gmail.com

Best regards,
Lis Bittencourt

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