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Position Announcement - ATN Network Coordinator 

The IOOS Program Office seeks to recruit a Network Coordinator for the Animal Telemetry Network 

About the ATN 
The U.S. Animal Telemetry Network (ATN) will be an alliance among Federal and non‐Federal, state, regional, tribal, and academic tagging partners to maximize collaborations within the community and access to animal telemetry data, to generate information products, to provide science‐based information for species- and ecosystem-based management, and to promote economic, social, and environmental benefits nationally and globally. The ATN is designed as a distributed technology and information network that applies consistent international data standards and best practices to achieve seamless integration, not only among various ATN observing assets and animal telemetry efforts, but also with other observing systems.
The ATN is supported by multiple Federal agencies, has worked through the Interagency Ocean Observation Committee (IOOC) - which operates under the National Ocean Council’s Subcommittee on Ocean Science and Technology (SOST) - and has determined that the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (U.S. IOOS) Program Office (U.S. IOOS PO) will implement the national ATN in partnership with the IOOC member agencies and in collaboration with the community of U.S. IOOS Regional Associations (RAs) and regional experts.
A national ATN Steering Group (SG) will facilitate development and continuity of the ATN by representing RA and agency research interests, identifying and fostering coordinated long‐term strategies, and providing operational guidance and decision‐making for the overarching ATN. The Steering Group will include Regional Association representatives, independent subject matter experts, and Federal and non‐Federal entities that provide funding or in‐kind support to the ATN.

Position Summary 

The ATN Network Coordinator will serve as the point of contact for the ATN through the IOOS program, facilitate communication and information exchange among parties involved, and coordinate overarching planning and resource management. In this capacity, the position facilitates, develops and supports multi-agency and institutional collaborations that conduct and/or promote animal telemetry. The Network Coordinator will work to harmonize the needs of the ATN Steering Group, the U.S. IOOS Program Office, Regional Associations (RA), and stakeholders. The Network Coordinator will report to the IOOS Operations Division Chief on administrative matters, and report to the SG on all programmatic related matters. 

The broad objectives for the ATN Network Coordinator are as follows: 

*	Coordinate the overall network management, both programmatically and operationally, and serve as a point of contact for the SG, participating IOOC agencies, U.S. IOOS RAs, and other regional experts. Oversee administration of 
the ATN, including working with the SG in defining ATN scientific and operational objectives, and participating in the annual budget-planning process among participating agencies that fund animal tagging.

*	Review and provide input on ATN scientific and technical directions for the IOOC, U.S. IOOS, partner agencies, and the academic community. 

*	Identify long‐term strategies to meet ATN goals and objectives outlined in the ATN Implementation, and work with the SG in the development of updates to the ATN Implementation Plan as needed. All updates will take into consideration Federal, tribal, non‐Federal, regional and other user needs. 

*	Successfully create and maintain formal and informal collaborations with other research groups and institutions to facilitate and support baseline observations of the aquatic species movements and behaviors that are required to support resource and protected-species management, identify critical habitat and habitat use, engage in real‐time monitoring, contribute to our understanding of how disturbances affect these species and their habitats, and collect data to improve ocean modeling and forecasting. The Network Coordinator will also develop collaborations in an effort to coordinate, support, maintain, and enhance existing national infrastructure and capability, including activities coordinated through participating U.S. IOOS RAs.

*	Engage and lead communications regarding ATN activities and initiatives with the U.S. IOOS Program Office, RAs and regional experts. Serve as the ATN’s principal point of contact on issues related to animal telemetry research, and be responsible for communications with all ATN partners. 

*	Identify resource requirements and work with the SG in the development of funding pathways, in cooperation with partnering organizations, and to achieve the annual operating plan goals.

*	Implement a national data management system in partnership with the SG and the ATN Data Assembly Center team to meet the needs of Federal and non-Federal entities by developing metadata standards, providing quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC), archiving the data in standard formats, and making the data accessible through common web services.  In coordination with the SG, the Network Coordinator will oversee the DAC operations and maintenance, which may be contracted to a third party.

*	Lead the integration of animal telemetry data more seamlessly into the ocean observing systems at both national and international levels.


Bachelor degree (Master's or Ph.D. preferred) in marine science or conservation with a demonstrated record of 
accomplishment in aquatic animal telemetry. Experience working with policy and advocacy players to apply science to conservation policy solutions. At least 2 years' experience in program administration, including personnel and budget management, short and long-term goal setting, program development and evaluation. 


Demonstrated capacity to enthusiastically communicate and execute a progressive science vision that advances the ATN’s long term goal of an alliance among Federal and non‐Federal entities. Outstanding oral and written communication skills with ability to convey animal telemetry science to the stakeholders and the public in a compelling fashion. Excellent leadership skills, with demonstrated ability to create and lead motivated and effective teams as well as work with colleagues in a team-oriented environment. Excellent interpersonal skills with demonstrated ability to work effectively with a very diverse stakeholder group, including but not limited to IOOC, U.S. IOOS, partner Federal agencies, state and tribal agencies, and the academic community. 

To apply please go to the following website: https://issmgmt.catsone.com/careers/index.php?m=portal&a=details&jobOrderID=6840933

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