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Sun Jan 24 10:45:40 PST 2016

Please post the following- Thanks very much!

Volunteer/Intern Opportunity for South African Cetacean Research Group –

Dear all,

The Cetacean Research Group, located at Port Elizabeth's Nelson Mandela
Metropolitan University, conducts a variety of studies in South Africa’s
Eastern Cape Province.  We are currently seeking 1 volunteer/intern to help
with boat-based dolphin research off the Wild Coast from February 18 –
March 12, 2016. Food and accommodation during field activities (February
21-March 11) will be covered by the research group. Travel costs to South
Africa, and food and accommodation outside of the field to be covered by
the volunteer/intern.  This position will include assisting researchers
with Photo-ID, data collection and analysis of photo-ID pictures for
bottlenose (*Tursiops aduncus*), common (*Delphinus capensis*), and
humpback (*Sousa plumbea*) dolphins along the Wild Coast in the Hluleka
Nature Reserve, to better understand occurrence and residency of dolphin
species in this remote and relatively unknown area. Due to the remote
location and rugged sea conditions in this area, the applicants must be in
good physical condition with no physical injuries, able to participate in
surf launch activities and spend 6-8 hours at sea.

Essential Requirements:

   - Photo ID experience – please provide referees who can speak to your
   abilities in this area
   - Good physical condition and ability to work in challenging environment
   - Experience at sea -  skippers license and surf launch experience
   considered an asset·
   - Ability to swim·
   - Working well in a team and a positive attitude


   - ·   Photo-ID of animals during field activities
   - ·   Assisting with dolphin sighting observations
   - ·   Cropping and preliminary analysis of photos during non-field days
   - ·    Assisting with preservation of biopsy samples
   - ·    Assisting with general field work tasks such as equipment cleaning

Boat-based surveys will be conducted at every opportunity, weather
depending (between 5 to 10 days at sea). However, given the difficult
weather and sea conditions in the area, applicants may be required to
assist with other work during non-sea days.

Interested applicants should send their CV, including two references, to
michellecaputo3 at gmail.com. More information about our research group and
the field site/accommodations can be found at:
www.facebook.com/CRGCMR and

Thank you,

Michelle Caputo

PhD Candidate

Rhodes University – South Africa
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