[MARMAM] Looking for publications based on citizen science data

Stelle, Lei Lani Leilani_Stelle at redlands.edu
Sun Jan 17 14:26:43 PST 2016

I am preparing a chapter on the use of citizen science in marine mammal research and am looking for publications (ideally peer-reviewed journal articles) that are based primarily on data contributed by citizen scientists.
I have searched through Google Scholar for papers that discuss marine mammals (with various synonyms used) and citizen science but few show up.  I am aware though of many organizations that utilize citizen scientists in their research so assume that the articles may be using different terms.

Any species of marine mammal or research topic is fine.

If you have published such work I would really like to be able to include it in my chapter.

Please send me a PDF of the article (if possible), or the citation if a PDF is not available, to Leilani_stelle at redlands.edu<mailto:Leilani_stelle at redlands.edu>

Also, if you are interested in discussing this topic further I'd love to include a variety of perspectives.

Thank you!
Lei Lani Stelle

Lei Lani Stelle, Ph.D.
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