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Seal Rescue Ireland is a very busy marine animal rescue and rehabilitation
facility located in Courtown Ireland. It is the only seal rehabilitation
facility in Ireland and responds to strandings along the entire coast of
Ireland. Most strandings are Grey and Common Seal pups who have been
wounded, orphaned or injured. The facility is currently accepting
applications for their spring and summer internships. This is a full time
position for a minimum of 12 weeks. Priority will be given to candidates who
can stay a longer period of time. 


Job Summary: This position provides the intern with work experience in the
rescue and rehabilitation effort of stranded marine mammals.  The candidate
is responsible for assisting in the daily husbandry care and maintenance of
rehabilitation animals. Participation in the rescue group's educational
program, fundraising program and admin work are required. Each intern will
be responsible for planning one fundraiser or similar project. This is a
small facility so you will be involved in all aspects of the charity and in
turn get a well-rounded experience. 


Requirements:  Applicants must have a background or interest in areas of
study such as Pre-Vet, Biology, Zoology, or any other animal related field.
Applicants must have the ability to understand and follow written and oral
instruction, and have effective communication skills.  Applicants should be
agile with a good sense of balance in order to maneuver around the exhibits
and holding areas, and must be able to lift 25 kilograms.  Applicants must
possess the ability to adapt to an ever-changing work environment, and be
available to work nights, weekends and holidays. Public speaking skills are
highly encouraged. Previous animal care and handling skills are preferred. 


Duties Include:

.         Daily animal diet preparations, routine cleaning of enclosures and
work areas.

.         Assist with rescue and release of stranded animals.

.         Assist with the rescue hotline.

.         Assist in the care and maintenance of the Center's rehabilitation
animals.(feeding, restraining, medical treatment, daily care)

.         Participate in educational talks and tours.

.         Maintain and update medical records.

.         Help to ensure that the rehabilitation clinic and quarantine area
is stocked and prepared to receive animals.

.         Provide assistance to the Manager and rehabilitation staff as

.         Assisting with fundraisers and educational events

.         Assisting with clerical duties and office work as needed (it is a
small rehabilitation centre so you will gain experience in all aspects of
how a rehabilitation centre runs and operates)

.         Performs other duties relating to the Center's goals and mission
statement as required.


This is an unpaid position. For some applicants Intern housing is available
at 85 Euro/Week (includes food) if desired. Interns are responsible for all
travel expenses.

Send a resume and cover letter and available dates to:

Attention: Rehabilitation Internship      sealrescueireland at gmail.com


Telephone: 087 461 3798 www.sealrescueireland.org

Find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/sealrescueireland


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