[MARMAM] The first announcement. The Ninth International Conference “Marine Mammals of the Holarctic” Russia, Astrakhan, October 31 - November 05, 2016.

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*The Ninth International Conference *


*Astrakhan, Russia *

*October 31 - November 05, 2016*

36 Nachimovskiy av.

117851 Moscow, Russia

Tel/fax: +7 (499) 1247579

*http://2mn.org* <http://2mn.org/> <http://2mn.org/> email: *conf2016 at 2mn.org
<conf2016 at 2mn.org>*

Россия, 117851 Москва, Нахимовский просп. 36 тел/факс: +7 (499) 1247579


*December 09, 2015 *

Following the decision of the the Eighth International Conference “Marine
Mammals of the Holarctic” (Russia, Saint-Petersburg, September 2014), the
Marine Mammal Council (Russia) is organizing the Ninth

International Conference “Marine Mammals of the Holarctic”.

Organizing Committee established by the Council, after detailed
discussions, has decided that the Ninth Conference will be held on October
31 - November 05, 2016 in Astrakhan (with organizational support from).

Objective of the Conference is to discuss the results and prospects for the
marine mammals research, protection and use in the Northern Hemisphere.
Traditionally, special attention will be paid to the following issues:

•       Population biology;

•       Estimate of abundance and monitoring;

•       Ecology (nutrition, distribution, habitat and migration, etc.);

•       Behaviour and acoustics;

•       Physiology, toxicology and pollution;

•       Veterinary for marine mammals;

•       Contemporary research methods;

•       Conservation, use, management and legislation;

•       Rehabilitation, holding in captivity;

•       Reduction of impact caused by economic activities on marine

Information about procedure for registration and abstracts submission will
be provided in the *Second Announcement*.

Organizing Committee welcomes the participants` initiative in events
holding on the conference subject, invites to cooperation and welcomes any
assistance from individuals and organizations in interest.

You can send your proposals to the Organizing Committee e-mail:
*conf2016 at 2mn.org
<conf2016 at 2mn.org> *

Information about conference preparation is available on the website:
*http://2mn.org* <http://2mn.org/> <http://2mn.org/>

Please, circulate this information among your colleagues.

*Organizing Committee of the Ninth International Conference  *

*“Marine Mammals of the Holarctic"*
Dmitry Glazov
Deputy head of Russian White Whale Program

A.N. Severtsov Institute of the Ecology and Evolution,
Russian Academy of Sciences
33 Leninskiy prosp., Moscow, 119071, Russia
glazovd at gmail.com

Tel. mob. +79104051823

Tel. + 74959541511

Fax. +74959581260
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