[MARMAM] Workshop on "Platforms of opportunity as research vehicles: benefits and limitations"

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The following workshop, organized by the CIIMAR-Madeira/OOM will be held at the forthcoming ECS Conference in Funchal - Madeira, on Saturday, 12th March (half day, afternoon): "Platforms of opportunity as researchvehicles: benefits and limitations"
 AbstractNowadays, the access to platforms ofopportunity can allow researchers to collect scientific data in a regular basisat a low cost. It can include ferries with established regular routes or whale-watchingboats, which have increased along coastlines globally. Despite its limitations,such platforms can offer ‘free’ trips on a daily basis, constituting a highlycost-effective tool and a valuable vehicle that can help answering to numerousquestions regarding the conservation of marine mammals. Yet, existentinformation and protocols supporting the establishments of collaborationbetween local researchers and stakeholders such as tourist operators (e.g.,whale-watching companies working with biologists) are still scarce. The presentworkshop aims to promote a discussion between stakeholders with access toplatforms of opportunity and researchers, either with experience or planning toestablish such type of collaborations. Researchers that have used/publishedinformation from this kind of data, and tourist operators that have developedsuch collaborations, were invited for lectures. It is expected forparticipants to share experiences, as well as to highlight the limitations andbenefits of using such platforms to collect scientific data (e.g., sighting,photographic). It is expected to discuss possible types of outcomes that canarise from such collaboration, from both scientific/conservation and touristoperator viewpoint.The workshop has a maximum of 25 participants and a participation fee of  €15. There are only 10 places available. Anyone interested in participating please contact: filipe.alves at ciimarmadeira.org,ana.dinis at ciimarmadeira.org or ventura at venturadomar.com.Further details with a programme will be sent closer to the date of the workshop to those who have registered to attend. Best regards,Filipe AlvesMarine biologist, PhDCIIMAR-Madeira, and Ventura | nature emotions
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