[MARMAM] humpback whale stranding data request

Julie Cossavella cossavellaj at gmail.com
Sat Jan 16 15:29:34 PST 2016

Hi all,

I am a research assistant working with the Marine and Coastal Ecology
Research Center (MCERC) in Puerto Rico under Dr. Mithriel MacKay,
investigating humpback whale behavioral ecology. We are currently doing a
project with photogrammetry this season and possibly the next winter, and
are in search of some measurements from strandings (or otherwise) of
humpback whales.

In particular, we need total body length, distance from rostrum to
blowhole, blow hole to dorsal fin, dorsal fin to end of tail stock, and tip
to tip on the flukes (as well as any other body length measurements). We
also need the age (calf, juvenile, adult, or known age) and sex of each
individual, as available. If drone measurements are taken, we would love to
give them a try as well. We would highly appreciate any relevant data or
contacts for further conversation. Of course, if anything advances into any
kind of presentation or publication, we will notify and acknowledge the
source of contributions.

Thank you in advance,

Julie Cossavella
(On behalf of the research assistants, 2016)
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