[MARMAM] Helping need to identify a deep sea squid found in caribbean waters

Wilfried Steffen pottwal at pottwale.de
Sun Jan 10 08:36:11 PST 2016

Dear Marmamers,
We live parts of the year on the island of Dominica in the eastern Caribbean.
The island is known to host some families of sperm whales year round. Years ago
we found a carcass of the potential prey of these whales and it was identified
as Pholidoteuthis adami by a German squid expert. But recently we found another
almost complete body of a deep sea squid, probably brought up by a hunting sperm
whale, that we could not identify yet. Therefor we would ask to help us with the
identification. It would help to expand our knowledge of the diet of the sperm
whales in this area.
You will find some pictures here:  deep sea squid found off Dominica

Sincerely yours

Andrea and Wilfried Steffen
Sperm whale research

pottwal at pottwale.de
www.pottwale.de http://www.wale-hautnah.de/squid/
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