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*CALL FOR INTERNSHIP APPLICATIONS* (Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Clearwater,

Clearwater Marine Aquarium conducts rescue, rehabilitation, and release
efforts for sick or injured marine life. If rescued animals are deemed
un-releasable due to their physical limitations or need for continuous
care, Clearwater Marine Aquarium can provide permanent care for these
animals. Clearwater Marine Aquarium offers intensive, hands on internships
for individuals interested in particular aspects of the marine animal care

The *Stranding Team Internship *provides interns with a unique opportunity
to gain hands on experience in the response of live and dead dolphins,
whales, sea turtles, and North American river otters. Intern
responsibilities include, but are not limited to, assisting with the
monitoring, rescue, transport, data collection, rehabilitation, release,
and necropsy of stranded aquatic animals. Interns will also be given ample
opportunities to further their skill sets relating to writing and public
speaking. This will be achieved through duties such as writing weekly
newsletters and presenting daily guest narrations. The Stranding Team seeks
enthusiastic, dedicated, and hardworking individuals who are interested in
promoting wildlife conservation through stranding efforts.

The *Marine Mammal Training Internship* is designed to give individuals an
inside look into what it takes to care for marine animals, with emphasis on
common bottlenose dolphins, North American river otters and African great
white pelican. During your internship, you will learn how to prepare diets,
clean to USDA standards, maintain exhibits, provide enrichment/mental
stimulation and give public presentations to educate our visitors as well
as promote environmental conservation. Through a classroom lecture series,
you will also learn how trainers use principles such as positive
reinforcement, operant conditioning and shaping to train.  Candidates
should be able to perform physically demanding duties and ideally be
enrolled in a four-year college program in psychology, biology, marine
biology or another related field.   Hands-on animal experience, such as
volunteering at an animal shelter or completing other marine mammal
internships at another facility is required. SCUBA, First Aid and CPR
certification is also a plus.

The *Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Internship* offers a hands-on learning
experience caring for rehabilitating sea turtles as well as permanent
residents at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Interns will be exposed to all
aspects of the field including stranding, triage, food prep, exhibit
maintenance, operating under USDA and FWC standards, animal restraint,
basic target training, enrichment, daily husbandry and, occasionally, more
extensive surgical procedures. Interns are able to practice many duties
necessary for future animal care careers. After completing this internship,
previous interns have used their experiences to gain employment in vet
clinics or animal rehabilitation jobs, gained admission to veterinary
school, or pursued educational and conservational outreach. The Sea Turtle
department has an additional *Sea Turtle Nesting Internship*, in the summer
only, designed to give interns an opportunity to perform field research
that is reported to government agencies. Nesting interns will assist in
patrol of about 25 miles of beach. Interns will conduct all aspects of sea
turtle nesting including nest marking, night patrol, hatchling release,
inventory, caging, data input, and much more.

 Clearwater Marine Aquarium offers 3 internship time frames annually. The
Summer Internship runs from May through August. The application deadline
for this internship is February 1st. To learn more about Clearwater Marine
Aquarium’s animal care internships and how to apply, please visit the
“About Us” page on www.seewinter.com and select the link for “Internships.”
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