[MARMAM] Beluga whales shift hearing

Paul Nachtigall nachtiga at hawaii.edu
Fri Jan 8 17:35:02 PST 2016

Work on beluga whale hearing in which either a 32 or 45 kHz tone was
presented prior to a loud 32 kHz tone showed that either warning tone
caused the whale to dampen its hearing in anticipation of the loud sound.
This response was quickly learned within a single day but took three days
to extinguish when the loud sound was removed.  This work, presented at the
recent SMM meeting in San Francisco, is now available as a publication in
the Journal of Comparative Physiology A.  DOI.

Nachtigall, P.E*., * Supin, A.Ya. Estaban, J.A., and Pacini, A.F. (2016)
Learning and extinction of conditioned hearing sensation change in the
beluga whale (*Delphinapterus leucas*) * Journal of Comparative Physiology
A*  DOI 10.1007/s00359-015-1056-x

A limited number of preprints are available on request.

Paul Nachtigall - nachtiga at hawaii.edu​
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