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Thu Feb 25 18:29:45 PST 2016

Antarctica Guest Scientist Program

Quixote Expeditions is excited to announce its 2016-2017 Guest Scientist
program for our Dec 15 2016 - Jan 7 2017 Trip to the Antarctic Peninsula.

More information is on our website (
http://www.quixote-expeditions.com/guest-scientist/)  and below:

Quixote Expeditions has a Guest Scientist Program where scientists can join
any of our regularly scheduled trips in order to help them carry out their
research. This can be anyone working on a master’s or PhD thesis,
professors and researchers at universities, and scientists associated with
non-profits. We offer a free space onboard any of our scheduled trips for
scientists to perform their research. We sail in remote places that are
often hard for scientists to get to and for those with limited funding,
impossible due to the expensive nature of working in remote areas. We hope
that by offering these spaces – one per trip, that amazing and interesting
science can be continued here at the end of the world.

In exchange we ask that the scientists to contribute the following:

   - To involve the other guests onboard with the research and data
   collecting if possible (Its not always possible!).
   - To present some of their current or past research while onboard.
   - At the end of the trip to prepare a short write up about the trip and
   the science that will then be posted on the Quixote Expeditions Website.
   - To help operate the vessel (standing watch, helping in the galley,
   etc).  Ocean Tramp, while a large sailboat, is still small compared to a
   larger research vessel. We ask that all scientists chip in, along with our

 We can offer free room and board to one scientists per trip. All other
related costs are at the expense of the scientists.  Please go to our
website for the application and full details

Laura, Owner
info at quixote-expeditions.com

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Twitter: @QuixoteExped <https://twitter.com/Quixote_Exped>
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