[MARMAM] Workshop: Conserving Cetaceans in the Seas around Europe, 12 March, Madeira - spaces left!

Heidrun.Frisch at cms.int Heidrun.Frisch at cms.int
Mon Feb 22 08:08:23 PST 2016

Spaces left!


Dear All,


On behalf of the Steering Group* I am pleased to let you know that some
places are left for the ACCOBAMS/ASCOBANS workshop "Conserving Cetaceans in
the Seas around Europe through Synergy-building between the Relevant
Legislative Frameworks". It will be held on 12 March in Funchal, Madeira.


Its aim is to assess critically the gaps and overlaps between the many
frameworks relevant for cetacean conservation (Habitats Directive (HD) and
Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), ASCOBANS, HELCOM, OSPAR,
ACCOBAMS, Barcelona Convention, Bucharest Convention, CMS, CBD, IWC), and to
identify synergies that can be expected to help take forward cetacean
conservation in an integrated and effective manner. Please find the
announcement of the ECS website here
elevant%20legislative%20frameworks> .


Confirmed speakers to date:

Giuseppe Notarbartolo di Sciara, Vedran Nikolić, Eunice Pinn, Tullio
Scovazzi, Léa David, Claudio Fossati, Robin Law, Cristina Fossi, Fabian
Ritter and Peter Evans


Draft Agenda:

1.     Welcome (9:00)

2.     Overview of Threats

3.     Introductions to Relevant Instruments

3.1.  European Union Habitats Directive (HD) and Marine Strategy Framework
Directive (MSFD)

3.2.  Northern Europe (ASCOBANS, HELCOM, OSPAR, CMS, CBD, IWC)

3.3.  Southern Europe (ACCOBAMS, Barcelona Convention, Bucharest Convention,

4.     Review of Approaches, Successes, Challenges, Duplications and Gaps

4.1.  Coordinated monitoring and coherent assessment of population status 

4.2.  Monitoring and mitigation of bycatch 

4.3.  Monitoring and mitigation of noise 

4.4.  Monitoring and mitigation of chemical contaminants 

4.5.  Monitoring and mitigation of vessel strikes 

4.6.  Area-based measures for mobile species 

5.     Break-out Sessions 

5.1.  Filling gaps

5.2.  Reducing duplication, improving synergies

5.3.  Addressing synergistic effects and cumulative concerns

6.     Conclusions and Recommendations 

7.     Close


The participation fee for this full-day workshop is 25 Euro. To register,
please contact me at heidrun.frisch at ascobans.org
<mailto:heidrun.frisch at ascobans.org> .


* Members of the Steering Group: Patricia Brtnik, Florence
Descroix-Comanducci, Peter Evans, Heidrun Frisch, Steve Geelhoed, Jan
Haelters, Katarzyna Kaminska, Camille Montiglio, Eunice Pinn, Jamie Rendell,
Fabian Ritter, Tullio Scovazzi, Mark Simmonds, Jeroen Vis



Ms Heidrun FRISCH

ASCOBANS Coordinator / CMS Marine Mammals Officer


UN Campus - Room 927

Platz der Vereinten Nationen 1 - 53113 Bonn, Germany

Phone +49 228 815 2418 - Fax +49 228 815 2440 / 49

Skype: cms_marinemammalsofficer


 <mailto:heidrun.frisch at ascobans.org> heidrun.frisch at ascobans.org /
<mailto:heidrun.frisch at cms.int> heidrun.frisch at cms.int

 <http://www.ascobans.org/> www.ascobans.org /  <http://www.cms.int/>




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re-transmission, dissemination or other use of it, or the taking of any
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material. Thank you.


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