[MARMAM] ID Catalogue of Killer Whales from the Northern Indian Ocean (NIO) now available online.

Georgina L Gemmell georgina.wildoceans at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 09:06:43 PST 2016

Dear Marmamers

On behalf of the Northern Indian Ocean Killer Whale Alliance, I am pleased
to announce that a live on-screen version of the NIO Killer Whale ID
Catalogue is now available and can be viewed at this link.


Both the ID Catalogue and sightings repository are the result of an
extensive collaborative effort by the individuals and organizations that
make up the Northern Indian Ocean Killer Whale Alliance (NIOKWA).

Though only in the early stages, the catalogue already hosts 51 unique
individuals made up of 15 pods and 4 suspected lone animals. Exciting
results so far have revealed localised re-sightings, insights into regional
seasonality and the first record of trans-Indian Ocean movement.

As the catalogue is live, it will be updated as and when new individuals
are identified. Periodic updates will be circulated to a mailing list of
NIOKWA members, to be included in this list please contact myself at
georgina.wildoceans at gmail.com.

All the best


*Georgina Gemmell*
Lead Administrator, Orca Project Sri Lanka
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