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As the deadline for registration to ECS workshops is getting closer, we would just remind all interested that there are still places available for the workshop "Anthropogenic threats to marine mammals of the Mediterranean area", which will be held on March 13th, Sunday, from 9.30 till 17.30. All information about the workshop can be found at http://europeancetaceansociety.eu/conference/workshops-0#Anthropogenic threats to marine mammals of the Mediterranean area

This workshop is aimed at reviewing the current state of knowledge on threats to the marine mammals of the Mediterranean Sea, putting together experts on pathology, acoustics, toxicology and population monitoring.

The workshop will turn the focus of the discussion from a single research topic (e.g. toxicology, pathology, etc.) to the whole environment marine mammals live in, to get to a more complete scenario of threats, of present knowledge and of research gaps that require attention. The outcomes of the workshop will allow the identification of future conservation and management issues, e.g. in relation to naval disturb, habitat disruptions, pollution. The day will comprise of some specialist presentations focused on each potential threat to marine mammals, and of a second sessions during which researches will be presented. Contributions from young researchers will be encouraged, as well as the presence and participation of students.

Confirmed speakers are: Fabian Ritter from M.E.E.R., Alessio Maglio from Sinay, Sandro Mazzariol from University of Padua, Tilen Genov from Morigenos.
Presentations from young researchers and students on any of the topics of the workshop are more than welcome!!!

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