[MARMAM] Acoustic parameters of Guiana Dolphin (Sotalia guianensis) Whistles - Gulf of Venezuela

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Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to share with you our latest research article entitled:
Parameters of Guiana Dolphin (*Sotalia guianensis*) whistles in the
Southern Gulf of Venezuela", to be publish in the next issue of Aquatic
Mammals journal (available online on 1st of June/2016).

Due to the journal’s policy the pdf file cannot be uploaded on any web
page. For pdf copies please send an email to
*hector.barriosgarrido at my.jcu.edu.au
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Please find below the citation and abstract.

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Prof. Hector Barrios-Garrido
Lcda. Kareen De Turris-Morales
Lcda. Gabriela Delgado-Ortega
Br. Chloe M. Nash
MSc. Ninive Espinoza-Rodriguez

*Acoustic Parameters of Guiana Dolphin (Sotalia guianensis) whistles in the
Southern Gulf of Venezuela*


The Guiana dolphin, *Sotalia guianensis*, is widely distributed along the
coasts of Central and South America. Similar to other delphinids, this
species emits echolocation clicks, burst pulses, and whistles. Although
whistling seems to play a major role in the social organisation of
dolphins, there is a lack of knowledge about Guiana dolphin whistles
outside of populations in Brazil and Costa Rica. In this study, we describe
the acoustic structure of Guiana dolphin whistles from the southern Gulf of
Venezuela for the first time. We recorded the whistles using an
omnidirectional hydrophone (CR1). For each whistle, we measured maximum
frequency (kHz), minimum frequency (kHz), starting frequency (kHz), ending
frequency (kHz), duration (s), and number of inflection points, using
spectrograms created in SpectraLAB 4.32 software (v. 17). Whistles
presented an average starting frequency of 10.58 kHz (SD=2.49 kHz), a mean
ending frequency of 13.96 kHz (SD=2.60 kHz), an average minimum frequency
of 10.31 kHz (SD=2.33 kHz), a mean maximum frequency of 13.96 kHz (SD=2.51
kHz), an average duration of 0.27 s (SD=0.14 s), and a maximum of 4
inflection points (mode 0). This research provides new insights into the
acoustic behaviour of the Guiana dolphin in the Gulf of Venezuela.

*Key Words: * Guiana dolphin, *Sotalia guianensis*, acoustic structure,
acoustic parameters, Gulf of Venezuela, cetacean

*Citation*: Barrios-Garrido, H., De Turris-Morales, K., Delgado-Ortega, G.,
Nash, C.M., Espinoza-Rodríguez, N. 2016. Acoustic Parameters of Guiana
Dolphin (*Sotalia guianensis*) whistles in the Southern Gulf of
Venezuela. *Aquatic
Mammals*, 42(2): 127-136, doi: *10.1578/AM.42.2.2016.127*

Hector Barrios-Garrido.
PhD Candidate- Candidato a Doctor.
College of Marine & Environmental Sciences
Centre for Tropical Water and Aquatic Ecosystem Research
James Cook University, Townsville, QLD 4811 Australia.


Magister en Ecologia Aplicada.
Master in Applied Ecology.

IUCN/SSC Marine Turtle Specialist Group Member.
International Sea Turtle Society Member.

Laboratorio de Ecologia General
Departamento de Biologia
Facultad Experimental de Ciencias
La Universidad del Zulia

Grupo de Trabajo en Tortugas Marinas del Golfo de Venezuela (GTTM-GV)
Presidente Fundador-President (Founder)

Centro de Modelado Cientifico (CMC)
Eje: BioCiencias.

Townsville, Queensland, Australia.

alt.email: hector.barriosgarrido at my.jcu.edu.au
Skype: hector.barrios.garrido

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