[MARMAM] Reminder: workshop on “Remote insular marine habitats: how important are these regions for oceanic cetacean populations”

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Thu Feb 11 04:01:37 PST 2016

Dear MARMAM list members,
just a reminder that there are still a few places available on this workshop. The workshop will have the participation of some experienced researchers that work on these environments sharing their knowledge. It will be a good opportunity to learn and point out the major difficulties of working with these cetaceans populations.  The workshop, organized by the CIIMAR-Madeira/OOM will be held at the forthcoming ECS Conference in Funchal - Madeira, on Saturday, 12th March (half day, morning): “Remote insular marine habitats: how important are these regions for oceanic cetacean populations” AbstractOceanic islands worldwide provide important habitat for a variety of cetacean species. Archipelagos like Madeira, Azores, the Canaries or Hawaii, are good examples of such habitats, each of them with 25 or more species of odontocetes and mysticetes documented. Despite being open ocean oligotrophic regions, the islands surrounding waters are known for their biological productivity that attracts many pelagic organisms. Moreover, island-associated communities similar to the ones found in continental coastal habitats were identified in many of these archipelagos. Yet, little is known about the interaction of these individuals with the offshore communities and its significances for the sustainability of these populations. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers conducting studies in similar environments to share knowledge for a better understanding of these unique habitats and what they represent for cetacean populations worldwide. We would like to encourage researchers all over the world working in such regions to submit talks resuming their studies in these cetacean populations. The workshop has a maximum of 25 participants and a participation fee of  €15. Anyone interested in participating or offering a talk, please contact: ana.dinis at ciimarmadeira.org or filipe.alves at ciimarmadeira.org  More information about the workshop at: http://www.europeancetaceansociety.eu/conference/workshops-0 . Further details with a programme will be sent closer to the date of the workshop to those who have registered to attend. Best regards,Ana Dinis CIIMAR-Madeira,Madeira, PortugalPhone: +351 962785975http://home.ciimarmadeira.org/index.php?page=anadinisReply Reply to All Forward More
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