[MARMAM] Intensive Underwater Acoustics Courses - Stockholm, March/April 2016

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Tue Feb 2 14:42:52 PST 2016

Seiche Training is announcing two underwater acoustics courses in
association with University of Bath, UK, and CPD-recognised by the
Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST):

Stockholm, Sweden*
This three day course equips delegates with a thorough knowledge of the
fundamentals of underwater acoustics. It then focuses on developing clear,
quantitative understanding of the issues involved in the impact of
acoustics on marine wildlife.  The following topics will be
covered: ocean environments, noise propagation models, sound field
modelling, methods of assessment, impacts of noise on marine life,
mitigation, environmental regulations and Environmental Impact
Assessments (EIAs), fisheries, JNCC guidelines and emerging studies
and technologies across this field.

Delivered by leading research professors and experts Dr Paul Lepper and
Professor Victor Humphrey.

The course is intended for regulators, environmental consultants,
researchers and policy/environmental professionals within industry.  It
will be particularly useful in providing a better understanding of reports
that delegates either have to deliver or receive from clients.


*30 March – 2 April 2016: Stockholm, Sweden*

This four day intensive course in underwater acoustics is intended for
engineers and scientists, particularly within industry and defence.  The
first part of the course covers the principles of underwater acoustics.
This is followed by advanced modules on underwater sound sources with a key
emphasis on sonar, seismic imaging, seismic sources and seismic data.

Dr Philippe Blondel, Professor Victor Humphrey and Dr Peter Dobbins are the
key lecturers for this course.

Please contact us for further information by email (training at seiche.com) or
look at our website (www.seichetraining.com.)
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