[MARMAM] 2017 Fin whale Project Research Assistant Program (Barcelona - Spain)

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*EDMAKTUB is looking**for team members and assistants for the 2017 Fin 
Whale Project on the coast of Barcelona*

The EDMAKTUB Association is a non-profit organization that focuses on 
studying fin whales and the environmental conditions that attract them 
to feed along the coast between Barcelona and Tarragona. The area not 
only comprises whales, but many other species of cetaceans, seabirds, 
fishes and sea turtles. From mid-February to mid-June, the team collects 
information about their presence and behaviour, and collects biological 
and oceanographic samples. EDMAKTUB intends to promote to designate the 
Garraf Marine Area as MMPA (Marine Mammal Protected Areas), as well as 
to expand the knowledge of the largest whale species in the Mediterranean.

More information about the initiative: 

In order to complete its research team for the 2017 campaign, EDMAKTUB 
looks for two types of collaborators: 1) Researchers, 2) Research 
Assistants. Below you will find a description with requirements for each 


*_1) RESEARCHERS _**- Graduates in biology, veterinary, marine sciences 
or other fields related to the study of the sea and cetaceans.*

*Number of positions available*: 3

*Collaborating period*: 3 to 4months (with possibility to extend this term)

*Incorporation in person: *15 February 2017 *(Virtual incorporation: *as 
soon as possible)**


*Tasks to be developed:*

. To prepare and participate in the marine campaigns.

. To coordinate one of the research lines (download Dossier for Details: 
link below)

. To assist in the logistical and organizational tasks of the Project


*What do you get?*

. To participate in all the activities developed within the Fin Whale 
Project, especially daily whale monitoring and observation.

. A platform in which to gain field experience in the study of cetaceans

. The possibility to develop your own research: such as an article for 
publication, an end-of-grade work or master's degree work.

. Professional visibility in the field of cetacean research


*What do we ask in return?*

. Dedication and commitment

. That you cover your accommodation and living expenses (from February 
to June in Vilanova i la Geltrú)


*How to apply?*

Send your detailed CV as well as a motivation letter in which you 
propose the line of research you want to develop and the ideas you have 
about it. It is essential to read the Fin Whale Project dossier (Link 
below) beforehand to find out about the available infrastructure and the 
studies that have been developed during the previous seasons.


Spanish update for 2016: 

email: Info at edmaktub.org <mailto:Info at edmaktub.org>


*_2) RESEARCH ASSISTANTS _**--Graduates, students or other people 
wishing to acquire practical experience in the field study of sea and 


*Number of positions available*: 15 | *Participating period*: 7 days 
(one week to choose from mid-February to mid-June)

*What do you get? *

. To participate in all the activities developed by the Fin Whale 
Project, especially in the daily whale monitoring and observation.

. Personal training and field experience in the study of cetaceans

. To enjoy the sea and its marine life in a privileged environment that 
is the Barcelona coast (Coast of Garraf).

*What do we ask in return? *

. To collaborate financially to the project with a donation of 800 EUR 
which will be used to cover your accommodation and food during the seven 
days of the program.

*How to apply? *

Fill out the form on our website: 



*If you want to collaborate as a _VOLUNTEER_, please, take a look to our 


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