[MARMAM] Job Announcement - Cetacean Ecologist, New Zealand - correction on Close date

Kim Goetz Kim.Goetz at niwa.co.nz
Wed Dec 21 19:24:51 PST 2016

Cetacean Biologist/Ecologist - NIWA
The Marine Ecology group at NIWA is seeking a Cetacean Biologist / Ecologist who has a broad understanding of cetacean ecology and knowledge about natural and anthropogenic threats facing cetaceans. You will work with other NIWA experts to address key questions about cetaceans and their environment and assist stakeholders and policymakers to develop suitable mitigation plans.
You should have a PhD degree and experience in the field ecology or biology related to cetaceans. Duties will include but are not limited to (1) working with the Department of Conservation to design and implement a CPOD project to determine the acoustic abundance and spatial distribution of Maui dolphins, (2) developing a project and seeking funding to measure cortisol levels in cetacean skin samples to examine stress in relation to anthropogenic stressors, (3) working with members of the NIWA cetacean team to develop funding proposals, (4) drafting scientific papers and publications, and (5) provide policy advice to central and local government agencies. As such, a breadth of knowledge on cetacean biology / ecology is essential .
You will have a proven track record showing your ability to conduct independent research and produce high quality scientific papers and making oral presentations to a range of audiences. The position requires a proven ability to work in a team environment.
NIWA offers competitive remuneration and benefits and an attractive waterfront location with free parking.
Please click on the following link for more information:
Job closes January 16, 2017

Dr Kim Goetz
Marine Ecologist

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