[MARMAM] New publication on Dolphin Morbillivirus as possible factor in a sperm whales' mass stranding

Sandro Mazzariol sandro.mazzariol at unipd.it
Tue Dec 13 00:49:31 PST 2016

Dear All,

we're pleased to announce a new publication on dolphin morbillivirus 
(DMV) in a sperm whales' mass stranding:

*Mazzariol S, Centelleghe C, Di Provvido A, Di Renzo L, Cardeti G, 
Cersini A, et al. Dolphin morbillivirus associated with a mass stranding 
of sperm whales, Italy. Emerg Infect Dis. 2017*

In the paper investigations on the new findings of DMV in a mass 
stranding occurred in Italy in September 2014: seven sperm whales were 
stranded along Italy’s Adriatic coastline. Postmortem investigations on 
3 female adult whales and 1 male fetus carried by the largest female 
revealed molecular and immunohistochemical evidence of DMV infection. A 
possible role of the virus in the stranding event was considered.

The publication could be found at the following address


Sandro Mazzariol

Dr. Sandro Mazzariol, DVM, PhD
Dipartimento di Biomedicina Comparata e Alimentazione (BCA)
Università degli Studi di Padova
Cetaceans strandings Emergency Response Team (CERT)

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