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Rebecca Boys rebeccaboys at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 6 13:13:09 PST 2016

Dear ECS student members,

For the upcoming ECS conference in the beautiful area of Middelfart, Denmark, that will take place from May 1st-3rd 2017, I am looking for 15 student volunteers from outside Denmark. My colleague Christian Riisager-Pedersen will be looking for 15 local volunteers.

As a student volunteer you will help with all sorts of things (registration desk, technical support etc) during the conference, but you will also have more than enough time to attend or present talks, posters and other conference activities. In return you will get your conference registration for free, an awesome experience with the other student volunteers and off course a volunteer T-shirt! There will also be a student party on one of the conference nights!

So do you want to be a volunteer at the next ECS conference in Denmark? Apply now! Send an email to ecs.students at gmail.com, and include the following:

- Name and age
- Country, university and student level (Bachelors, Masters or PhD)
- Prior ECS experience (visited, volunteered, presented poster or talk etc: also note where and which years)
- Attach a short CV

You have to be an ECS member (2017) to become a student volunteer! So we will be looking for about 15 students from Denmark and 15 from other European countries. About 25 new volunteers and 5 with previous ECS volunteering experience will be selected (based on experience and first-come-first-serve basis).

You will be notified about your application in early January. If we get more applicants than needed we will make a reserves list and work from there if spots become available.

For more information about the conference go to: http://europeancetaceansociety.eu/conference/31st-annual-conference-denmark

Hope to see you all in Denmark!


Rebecca Boys
ECS student representative

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