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Cetacean Field Science Project Officer – Falkland Islands

The South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute (SAERI) is seeking to
recruit a Cetacean Field Science Officer to work within the two-year
research project “Dolphins of the kelp: Data priorities for Falklands’
inshore cetaceans”.

The post is for an initial period of 12-months commencing in October 2016, a
further 6-month extension beyond this may be negotiated.

Applications should be received by 16:00 UTC Monday 29th August 2016.

The Field Science Officer will work under the supervision of the Project
Manager but will be responsible for the delivery of several components of
the project under their guidance.

The Field Science Officer will contribute to day-to-day operations and
reporting; they will be responsible for field equipment maintenance,
volunteer organisation and training, and some fieldwork logistics; they will
participate in public outreach, helping with design, conducting and leading
some fieldwork, data entry, analyses, and write-up, with the potential to
lead on a scientific publication. 

*	Field work

*	Participation and some responsibilities for a one-off
archipelago-wide transect survey – 50-days at sea on a medium-size boat
*	Participation and some responsibilities for seasonal focal site
repeat transect surveys – 6 weeks twice a year at a remote location
*	Responsibility for maintaining gear for a passive acoustic
monitoring at focal sites (year-round) – monthly boat trips
*	Responsibility for inventory, storage and maintenance of all field
*	Responsibility  for ensuring  work is conducted to high standard,
and for health and safety, in the absence of the Project Manager
*	Contribute to planning and logistical organisation and permitting

*	Responsibility for organisation and training of local and
international volunteers, for boat- and land-based cetacean survey work
*	Development of training/teaching material for volunteers, including
for health and safety


*	Data analyses and write-up

*	Responsibility for some data entry and storage
*	Responsibility for metadata cataloguing
*	Responsibility for maintaining the Photo-ID catalogue, matching
photos and some analyses
*	Contribute to scientific publications

Essential Qualifications and Skills:

*	MSc in Marine Ecology or related subject, with full research
*	At least one year working on a project in marine megafauna ecology
*	Proven practical skills in the marine environment, with small motor
boats and remote living
*	Experience with at least one of the following l research methods:
passive acoustic monitoring, photo-ID,  or line-transect surveys
*	Full and clean manual driving licence

A full list of required personal qualifications and attributes is available
upon application.

Project Partnership

This project will be conducted by a team of two staff, a project manager and
a project officer, in collaboration with 5 partner organisations: Falklands
Conservation, Austral Biodiversity Ltd, Shallow Marine Survey Group
(SMSG-Falklands), Oregon State University, and the University of St.

The position will be based in the South Atlantic Environmental Research
Institute’s (SAERI) head office in Stanley. 

SAERI’s objective is to be a world class academic institute, based in the
Falkland Islands, operating in the South Atlantic from the equator down to
the ice in Antarctica. It aims to conduct world class research, teach
students, and build capacity within and between the UK South Atlantic
Overseas Territories (UK OTs). The institute’s remit includes the natural
and physical sciences. Its mission is to advance environmental understanding
in the South Atlantic through research excellence and innovative scientific
leadership ( <http://www.south-atlantic-research.org>
www.south-atlantic-research.org ).

Further Information & Applications

The salary will be within Falkland Islands Government (FIG) salary range H1
commencing at £18,000, increasing based upon experience and qualifications. 

The package will include airfares for the post holder at the beginning and
end of contract and favourable income tax rates. Subsidised accommodation
may also be available as part of the negotiated salary package dependent
upon experience and qualifications.

For more information, a detailed job description and application form, in
the first instance please contact;

Contact:                               Tara Pelembe (
<mailto:tpelembe at env.institute.ac.fk> tpelembe at env.institute.ac.fk )

Contact:                               Dr Marina Costa (
<mailto:mcosta at env.institute.ac.fk> mcosta at env.institute.ac.fk )

Application forms marked “SAERI Cetacean Field Science Officer” should be
submitted by e-mail to FIG Human Resources Department, Cable Cottage,
Stanley no later than 16:00 UTC Monday 29th August 2016.

Application Date:             16:00 UTC Monday 29th August 2016.

Name:                                  Megan Middleton

<mailto:recruitment at falklands.gov.fk> recruitment at falklands.gov.fk for
international overseas applications

E-mail:                                   <mailto:mmiddleton at sec.gov.fk>
mmiddleton at sec.gov.fk for local Falkland Island applications


Submitted by, Grant Munro ( <mailto:munro at horizon.co.fk>
munro at horizon.co.fk)

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