[MARMAM] New paper comparing killer whale and bottlenose dolphin literature in Animal Behavior and Cognition

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The journal Animal Behavior and Cognition has published a paper by Hill et al. entitled "An inventory of peer-reviewed articles on killer whales (Orcinus orca) with a comparison to bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)," available at http://animalbehaviorandcognition.org/downloads/Vol3-Issue%203-August%202016/03.Aug2016-Hill_et%20al_Final.pdf.

The authors conducted a literature search, with the goal, as stated in the methods, of producing "an objective, representative sample of the peer-review published literature and not an exhaustive review of all research produced on the two species examined." However, after analysis of this "representative sample," the authors concluded that "there is little empirical knowledge of killer whales as compared to a species of bottlenose dolphins, limiting the evidence available to inform public policy decisions on the welfare and management of killer whales."

The killer whale biologists in the MARMAM community might wish to know of and read/review this paper.



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