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Dear All,

We are pleased to announce a new opportunity of scientific training on
cetacean monitoring techniques in the Sicily Channel (Mediterranean Sea).

Reservation for the DOLPHIN SURVEY 2016 are now open!

The Survey aims to increase knowledge about the presence, abundance and
distribution on dolphin species, with particular regard to bottlenose
dolphin. The project area is located in the waters off Agrigento Province
and Gela basins, where dedicated surveys on cetacean are nowadays scarce,
even if these waters are particularly rich; bottlenose dolphins,
short-beaked common dolphins and striped dolphins are particularly abundant
in the project area.


• Cetaceans monitoring in the study area conducted daily on board of an
inflatable boat with a fiberglass keel, 5.40 meters long, equipped with a
40 HP 4-strokesoutboard engine.

• Photo-identification activity used to obtain dolphins abundance
estimates, and information about their movements and social structure.

• Modelling to investigate distribution and habitat use of dolphins.

• Groups size and behaviour monitoring and subsequent analysis using GIS

• Monitoring of other marine species, including turtle, tuna, swordfish and
seabirds during sea-survey.

• Land-based survey (occasionally)

• Observation of the interaction between dolphins and human activities,
mainly trawl fishing

Participant at the research expeditions will work side-by-side with
researchers contributing to:


   boat-based and land-based daily surveys

   photo-identification activity

   field data collection

   data statistical processing and analysis

The scientific training will be consolidated through lectures on:


   Mediterranean cetacean species recognition

   Cetaceans biology, evolution and anatomical adaptations


   Mediterranean cetacean species distribution and habitat use

   Cetaceans threats and protection status

   Protocol and designs sampling

   Distance sampling

   Modeling of cetaceans distribution

   Photo identification and applications

   Photographic data processing (practice)

   Data processing by GIS (Geographic Information Systems)

Summer Research Expeditions are essential to support our project. It does
not require any specific preparation, nor scientific or nautical experience
are required to participants: you only need spirit of adaptation and

Expeditions start every week from June to August.

Weekly contribution is 390,00 € and it includes accommodation, daily survey
at sea and scientific training at land base. The cost excludes board.
Booking is possible for one week or more and maximum 6 participants for
week will be accepted. Participation is open only to adults (over 18 years).

Participants will accommodate in the beautiful city of Agrigento. Here, you
will work side-by-side with experienced researchers. Researchers from Genoa
and Tuscia University (with a long and proved experience in cetacean
research and scientific training) are volunteers of MeRiS and will follow
participants during each phase of the training: during sea survey as well
as during activities at the land base.

The "Associazione Me.Ri.S. Mediterraneo Ricerca e Sviluppo" is a no-profit
and scientific Organisation for the protection of marine mammals and their
environment. It is engaged in research activities on cetaceans in the
Sicily Channel (Mediterranean Sea). It promotes educational activities and
scientific training.

You can find the full program and further information, as CV of the
Principal Investigator and of the collaborators, visiting the website
indicated below.


For bookings and information, write to:

*info*.*meris at gmail*.*com* <info.meris at gmail.com>

Join us on-board!!

Jessica Alessi

PhD in Marine Science
On behalf of Meris Association

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