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The following is a partial list of items available.  All funds go to ¡VIVA Vaquita! (a collaboration of five 501(3)c non-profits), forresearch and conservation of the World’s most endangered marine mammal species,the vaquita (Phocoena sinus).  Go to www.vivavaquita.orgfor more details. Costs listed are suggested minimum donations.  
Allen, G.M. (1916) The whalebone whales of New England.Memoirs of the Boston Society of Natural History, 8, 107-322.  HC/Clothbound.  $65.
Arseniev, V.A. & Panin, K.I. (1971) Pinnipeds of theNorth Pacific. 274 pp. VNIRO.  PB.  $20.
Berzin, A.A. (1972) The Sperm Whale (kashalot), IsraelProgram for Scientific Translations. PB. $22.
Gaskin, D.E. (1972) Whales, Dolphins, and Seals, WithSpecial Reference to the New Zealand Region, Heineman Educational Books.  HC. $23.
Goode, G.B. (1884) The Fisheries and Fishery Industries ofthe United States. {Sections on whales, marine mammals, and whaling}.  Pp. 1-136, 131-491. Government PrintingOffice.  HC/Clothbound.  $95.
Mitchell, E. editor.  (1975)Review of biology and fisheries for smaller cetaceans. Journal of the FisheriesResearch Board of Canada, pp. 879-1242.  PB.  $23.
Norris, K.S. & Prescott, J.H. (1961) Observations on Pacificcetaceans of Californian and Mexican waters. University of CaliforniaPublications in Zoology, 63, 291-402.  PB.  $26.
Norris, K.S. (1966) Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises. 789 pp.University of California Press, Berkeley. HC.  $62.
Ridgway, S.H. (1972) Mammals of the Sea: Biology and Medicine.812 pp. Charles C. Thomas.  HC.  $215.
Truitt, D. (1974) Dolphins and Porpoises: A ComprehensiveAnnotated Bibliography of the Smaller Cetacea, Gale Research Co.  HC. $44.
Turner, W. (1912) The Marine Mammals in the AnatomicalMuseum of the University of Edinburgh, MacMillan and Co.  HC. $38.
All items are in good-excellent condition, unless otherwisestated; HC=hardcover, PB=paperback.  Preference will be given to domestic USAorders.  Donations can be made in cash orwith checks in US dollars.  Email Tom Jefferson<sclymene at aol.com> questions, and your postal address for the items to besent to (please type your name and address exactly as they would appear on amailing label).  Shipping isincluded.  Orders will be sent out onlyafter payment and ‘mailing label’ are received. 
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