[MARMAM] Volunteer courses on "Tracking Great Pelagics around the Balearic Islands 2016

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Fri Apr 8 03:15:08 PDT 2016

Dear MARMAMers

ALNITAK together with OceanCare announce their 2016 expeditions on “Tracking Great Pelagics around the Balearic Islands”, held in Mallorca (Mediterranean Sea) between 21st Mai 2015 and 29th July 2016 (in total 9 expeditions of 6 days duration each).

A financial contribution to survey cost of Euro 980 per Person and expedition is a requisite to join the crew.

These expeditions are a unique opportunity for anyone interested in learning about the study of marine biodiversity, participating actively in a visual and acoustic survey of this project dedicated to the improvement of management guidelines and

provision of the necessary scientific foundation for the mitigation of risks to target species such as loggerhead sea turtle, sperm whale, Cuvier's beaked whale, and Risso's dolphins.

Participants will learn basic concepts of navigation and shipboard surveys, participating in lookouts, cetacean sighting recording, acoustic recording, photo-identification image collection, sea turtle tagging, and recording data on human activities.

During the six day courses, lectures will be given by experienced researchers, to introduce participants to the methods implemented during the survey and the application to conservation of the results.

For further information on available dates and course contents, or to download detailed information, please visit:http://www.oceancare.org/en/projectsandcampaigns/researchprogrammes/balearic_islands/ 

or contact us by mail:

ricardo at alnitak.info <mailto:ricardo at alnitak.info>  

info at oceancare.org <mailto:info at oceancare.org>

Best regards,


Silvia Frey, PhD
Director Science & Education
www.oceancare.org <http://www.oceancare.org>

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