[MARMAM] New paper: Post-conflict affiliation as conflict management in captive bottlenose dolphins

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Thu Sep 24 23:52:25 PDT 2015

Dear. all

I'm pleased to announce the following paper on post-conflict
affiliation in bottlenose dolphins

Yamamoto C., Morisaka T., Furuta K., Ishibashi T., Yoshida A., Taki
M., Mori Y., Amano M.
Post-conflict affiliation as conflict management in captive bottlenose
dolphins (Tursiops truncatus). Scientific reports 5.

[Abstract] Post-conflict affiliation between former opponents or
between one of the former opponents and bystanders might have the
function of conflict management, which reduces the costs associated
with aggressions. One of the suggested functions of post-conflict
affiliation is decreased renewed aggressions directed from aggressors
to victims. However, the effect of post-conflict affiliation on
renewed aggressions by victims has not been investigated. We examined
whether post-conflict affiliations decreased the number of renewed
aggressions initiated by winners or losers in captive bottlenose
dolphins. Both winners and losers initiated renewed aggressions.
However, these aggressions decreased after post-conflict affiliation
between former opponents, initiated by bystanders to winners,
initiated by losers to bystanders, and initiated by bystanders to
losers. Post-conflict affiliation between former opponents is
suggested to function as reconciliation. Post–conflict affiliation
initiated by losers to bystanders is suggested to function as the
protection of losers. Post-conflict affiliations initiated by
bystanders to one of former opponents are suggested to function as
both appeasement and protection of the opponent who affiliates with

This is an open-access and everyone can download this paper from the
following site:

Please email me at "kurousagi0914 at gmail.com" if you have any trouble
to download it.

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Chisato Yamamoto
kurousagi0914 at gmail.com
Chisato Yamamoto
Graduate School of Fisheries and Environmental Sciences, Nagasaki University
E-mail: kurousagi0914 at gmail.com

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