[MARMAM] New ArcGIS story map: Predicting Cetacean Density w/ Geospatial Models

Jonathan Shannon - NOAA Federal jonathan.shannon at noaa.gov
Fri Sep 25 08:27:58 PDT 2015

Greetings MARMAM,

Please see below announcement on a new ArcGIS story map explaining how
government agencies and academic institutions work together to create
marine mammal models for ocean planning applications.

*​​Story Map Explains Creation of Marine Mammal Models for Ocean Planning
A new story map on MarineCadastre.gov, Predicting Cetacean Density with
Geospatial Models <http://arcg.is/1JYBA0t>, describes how scientists use
data collected by NOAA, state agencies, and academic institutions to
produce detailed maps of cetacean distributions.  This involved analyzing
how sightings of cetaceans relate to environmental conditions such as water
temperature and ocean currents to better understand where these animals may
be found in areas which had no sightings. This story map translates how the
data was modeled in a way managers can understand so they can more easily
use this valuable information for ocean planning applications.

Providing scientists and managers with critical information on mammal
presence, distribution, and behavior is vital to understand the potential
effects of offshore energy activities, mitigate the likelihood of ship
strikes, and evaluate acoustic impacts of offshore construction and seismic

For more information, contact Mark.Finkbeiner at noaa.gov.

Best regards,

Jonathan Shannon
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NOAA Fisheries Office of Protected Resources
U.S. Department of Commerce
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jonathan.shannon at noaa.gov

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