[MARMAM] New publication: A single-station method for the detection, classification, and location of fin whale calls using ocean-bottom seismic stations

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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the following publication in JASA:

Matias, L. and Harris, D. (2015).*A single-station method for the 
detection, classification,and location of fin whale calls using 
ocean-bottom seismic stations*.J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 138, 504

Passive seismic monitoring in the oceans uses long-term deployments of 
Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBSs). An OBS usually records the three 
components of ground motion and pressure, typically at 100 Hz. This 
makes the OBS an ideal tool to investigate fin and blue whales that 
vocalize at frequencies below 45 Hz. Previous applications of OBS data 
to locate whale calls have relied on single channel analyses that 
disregard the information that is conveyed by the horizontal seismic 
channels. Recently, Harris, Matias, Thomas, Harwood, and Geissler [J. 
Acoust. Soc. Am. 134, 3522–3535 (2013)] presented a method that used all 
four channels recorded by one OBS to derive the range and azimuth of fin 
whale calls. In this work, the detection, classification, and ranging of 
calls using this four-channel method were further investigated, focusing 
on methods to increase the accuracy of range estimates to direct path 
arrivals. Corrections to account for the influences of the sound speed 
in the water layer and the velocity structure in the top strata of the 
seabed were considered. The single station method discussed here is best 
implemented when OBSs have been deployed in deep water on top of seabed 
strata with low P-wave velocity. These conditions maximize the ability 
to detect and estimate ranges to fin whale calls.

The article can be downloaded from: 

Alternatively, if you are unable to download the article please email me 
for a pdf at: lmatias at fc.ul.pt

Kind regards,

Luis Matias

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