[MARMAM] Navy Living Marine Resource Program Environmental Need Topics - call for pre-proposals

Shoemaker, Mandy L CIV NAVFAC EXWC, EV13 mandy.shoemaker at navy.mil
Thu Sep 3 15:38:52 PDT 2015

The Navy Living Marine Resources (LMR) applied research program is seeking pre-proposals in two topic areas related to underwater sound produced by human activities and its effects on marine life.  Topics include: 1) behavioral response research to study the effects of sound on marine mammals and 2) marine species hearing research related to the acoustic effects criteria. Potential applicants are encouraged to visit the LMR website, http://www.lmr.navy.mil/Preproposals.aspx, for more information about the LMR program and the solicitation.  Federal government applicants are not eligible to submit pre-proposals under the Broad Agency Announcement (BAA), but will be able to submit pre-proposals directly to the relevant Navy statement of need by selecting Federal Government when submitting.  Academic, non-federal government, nonprofit, and private sector submitters should select Private/Academia, when submitting their pre-proposal.  The need topics can be viewed within the BAA at www.neco.navy.mil, www.fbo.gov, or at www.lmr.navy.mil/Preproposals.aspx. All submissions must be made via the LMR website.  The solicitation period will close at 5:00 pm, Pacific Daylight Time on 23 OCTOBER, 2015 (see website or BAA for official dates and other guidance).

Anu Kumar
Program Manager
Living Marine Resources Program

Mandy Shoemaker
Senior Marine Resources Specialist
Living Marine Resources Program 

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