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*Marine Mammal Biennial, San Francisco, USA December 2015*

*Stu Innes Award *

*Call for Applications*

On May 21, 2000, the world of marine mammal research lost two talented
scientists and cherished colleagues, Stuart Innes and Malcolm Ramsay.  Drs.
Innes and Ramsay were conducting field research near Resolute Bay, Nunavut,
Canada when their helicopter crashed.  Both Stuart and Malcolm are
remembered with affection and admiration for their boundless energy and
devotion to their scientific endeavours in the Arctic.

           Stuart was a vocal advocate for supporting students in their
efforts to develop a career in Arctic marine mammal research.  He believed
that the Biennial Marine Mammal Conferences hosted by the Society for
Marine Mammalogy were a good opportunity for young researchers to learn,
network, and develop enthusiasm from the leaders in the field.  As a
tribute to Stuart, friends and colleagues have established the “S. Innes
Memorial Student Travel Bursary” to help support a student’s travel to this
conference each time it is held.

           The award is open to post-secondary students conducting marine
mammal research in the Arctic.  Applications should consist of the

1.     The student’s name, affiliated institution, level (MSc or PhD) and
year of study and CV

2.     Name and address of supervisor

3.     One additional reference

4.     The accepted abstract submitted to the 2015 Biennial conference

5.     400 words describing the project the award will contribute to,
highlighting the direct benefits of the award.

           A selection committee of Stuart’s colleagues will review the
applications and select one winner.  The committee’s decision is final.  After
the conference, a brief report should be submitted summarizing how the
student benefited from the conference experience.  The award this year is
$1000.00 USD.

           Questions and applications should be sent by email to Lindsay
Porter lindsay.jp at gmail.com

           Applications must be received by midnight *30 September 2015*.
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