[MARMAM] Judging at the San Francisco Biennial

Lindsay Porter lindsay.jp at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 05:15:42 PDT 2015

The San Francisco  2015 Biennial Conference is just around the corner! The
conference committee and reviewers have conducted a phenomenal feat,
reviewing and scheduling some 2000 presentations. The Student Awards this
year is honored to announce that Sylvia Earle has agreed to present the
prizes but before we get to that stage and the champagne ..... we need
judges to conduct the on site assessments! We have tried to streamline the
process a little this year and shall be providing an online evaluation form
as well as trying to match judges to their preferred sessions. In the past
many judges have volunteered and we hope that you will do so again this

Please email the committee and we shall communicate with you directly to
start scheduling
Looking forward to hearing from you

Lindsay, Chris, Julia and Susan
2015 Awards Committee

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lindsay.jp at gmail.com
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