[MARMAM] Invited keynote speakers - 30th Conference of the European Cetacean Society, Madeira, 14 - 16 March, 2016

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Wed Oct 21 11:48:26 PDT 2015

The 30th Conference of the European Cetacean Society Organizing Committee
is pleased to announce the following three keynote speakers for the 2016

-       Professor Hal Whitehead of Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada,
will be giving a talk entitled “Sperm whale societies of the Atlantic and
Pacific: why so different?”;

-       Dr. Robin Baird of Cascadia Research Collective, Washington, USA,
 will speak on “Oasis in a desert sea: development of island-associated
populations of open-ocean odontocetes in the Hawaiian archipelago”; and

-       Dr. Mónica Silva’s keynote talk is entitled “the ecological
importance of open waters and oceanic islands for baleen whales”. Monica
Silvia is a researcher at Mare and IMAR, Azores.

The conference will take place in Funchal, Madeira, from 14 - 16 March
2016, hosted by the Madeira Whale Museum

The theme of the conference is “Into the Deep: Research and Conservation on
Oceanic Marine Mammals”.

For further information on the conference visit:

The abstracts submission deadline is *23 October 2015* (23:45 CET). The
abstracts may be submitted online at ECS Conference page:

Workshops proposals are also welcome.  Workshops will run on 12-13 March.
Workshop proposal forms can be downloaded here:

and should be sent to ecs2016conference at gmail.com by the *23 October 2015*
(23:45 CET)  deadline.

Looking forward to meeting you at Madeira in March 2016,

Conference Organising Committee
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