[MARMAM] Looking for information about pinniped/marine debris interactions

Julie Tennis julietennis at gmail.com
Fri Oct 16 10:24:05 PDT 2015


I am an informal educator on the outer coast of Washington State.  Several
years ago I developed a popular hands-on program called Sea Lion CSI:
student teams investigate 1/4-size California sea lion models to determine
possible causes of death.  I used the five most common causes of death in
our region at the time - fishing net entanglement, gunshot, leptospirosis,
urigenital cancer, and pneumonia.

I'm expanding my program and would like to include a marine debris
component.  Fortunately, the only interaction with marine debris in our
area appears to be packing straps getting caught around the sea lion's
neck.  And this typically doesn't kill them.

Does anyone have data on marine debris interactions killing pinnipeds?  Is
it a significant factor in pinnniped health elsewhere in the world?

Thank you,

*Julie Tennis*
Place-Based Education Consultant
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  Coastal FieldSTEM Coordinator
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