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*Duties include but are not limited to the following:*

·        Develop and undertake research with program supervisors to
investigate and understand threats and spatial and temporal factors that
impact monk seal biology and survival.

·        Work with an interdisciplinary team of program supervisors and
external collaborators to design and test recovery activities for Hawaiian
monk seals and develop recommendations to managers on how to assist the
recovery of the species

·        Serve as special projects coordinator for program leader.

·        Assist with tracking budget and expenditures, planning logistics
and training for researchers, and participating in large scale research
projects across the Hawaiian Archipelago Includes participating in a
variety of projects and activities including: unmanned aerial systems (UAS)
program, coordinating small boat proficiency within the program, and
developing risk assessments and protocols for new research projects or

·        Participate in emergency response efforts for Hawaiian monk seals.
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