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Wed Oct 14 11:17:37 PDT 2015

Greetings all!
We are delighted to announce our new book, "Dolphin Communication &
Cognition: Past, Present & Future", edited by Denise Herzing & Christine
Johnson, is available now from MIT Press. We were particularly fortunate
to get contributions from many great researchers in the field, and the
result is an up-to-the minute compilation of what is known about these
fascinating animals, and where the field may, or should, go next.


>From the MIT Overview...

This volume offers a comprehensive reference to the latest research on
dolphin communication and cognition, reporting on findings from both the
laboratory and the field. The contributors review a wide range of topics,
including vocalization, abstract reasoning abilities, imitation and
learning, social cognition, echolocation, and ethical issues in working
with cetaceans.

The book begins by examining the dolphin brain and its evolution, the
anatomy of its unique sound production and reception systems, and its
sensory abilities. It next addresses communication, reviewing the
complexity of dolphins' vocalization and behavior, and then describes
research on cognition, from both experimental and developmental
perspectives. Finally, the book considers the future of dolphin research,
including a series of provocative questions that remain unanswered, posed
by some of the volume's expert contributors.

Mats Amundin, Whitlow Au, Ted W. Cranford, Nicola Erdsack, John Ford, Wolf
Hanke, Louis M. Herman, Denise L. Herzing, Christine M. Johnson, Petr
Krysl, Stan Kuczaj, Marc Lammers, Lori Marino, Paul Nachtigall, Julie
Oswald, Adam A. Pack, Heidi Pearson, Sam Ridgway, Jeanette Thomas, Randall
Wells, Thomas I. White, Hal Whitehead, Kelley Winship, Bernd Würsig

All the best
Chris & Denise

Christine M. Johnson, PhD
Department of Cognitive Science
University of California, San Diego
Ph: 858-534-9854
FAX  858-534-1128

Dr. Denise Herzing
Research Director, Wild Dolphin Project
Affiliate Assistant Professor 
Department of Biological Sciences
Florida Atlantic University

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