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Humpback Whale Research-1 week Sessions in Puerto Rico, USA

This program is designed for anyone wishing to gain field experience in
marine mammal science. Undergraduates, grad students, and people who have
graduated related programs and are looking for opportunities to beef up
their experience, are welcome.

We still have some openings for the one week field intensive programs
designed to build skills and resumes in Puerto Rico, USA. This is an
on-going project in the 6th year of data collection studying humpback whale
behavioral ecology.

These positions are suitable for internships, and many of our students
receive up to 3 credit hours through independent study with a faculty
member from their campus.

Participants will be integrated into the research team while we do scan
surveys and theodolite work from a cliff, collect acoustic and behavioral
data from a small boat, and analyze data in the lab using relevant software.You
will learn and aid in matching images humpback whale flukes and scars for
identification of individuals.

Spots in the program are available between January and the middle of April
(although some sessions may already be filled).

There is no application process. Simply email MCERC.mail at gmail.com for pass
codes to the Education Hub, register for the session you would like to
attend (if there are spots still available), and you are confirmed.

There is a great deal of information on the MCERC website, Education Hub,
Photo Gallery, and Facebook page. To link to all 4 resources, please start
at www.Marine-Eco.org. There are hot links available from there.

Program fees for the Humpback Whale Field Intensive are 100% applied to the
cost of the research and the education for each session. The program fee of
$1300USD includes room and meals for the week long session, instruction,
transportation to all field excursions, and equipment necessary. The
program fee does not include travel to and from San Germán, Puerto Rico,
USA. Citizens of the USA do not need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico,
the currency is the US Dollar, and most major cell phone carriers have
service on the island.

Questions? email Mithriel at Marine-Eco.org
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