[MARMAM] Collaboration with Sotalia sound recordings (Gabriel Melo-Santos and Laura May-Collado)

Gabriel Melo Alves dos Santos botogabriel at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 08:10:37 PST 2015

Dear all,

My name is Gabriel Melo-Santos and I am a PhD student from Universidade
Federal do Pará, Brazil. The focus of my thesis is the acoustic
behavior of *Inia
*and *Sotalia* dolphins. I am working under the advisement of Dr. Laura
May-Collado and Dr. Maria Luisa da Silva. Now Dr. May-Collado and I are
working on how *Sotalia *vocalizations may vary along the distribution of
the genus as well as intra-population variations. For the time being we
have various collaborators along the Brazilian coast and Mexico, but we
still need collaborators in French Guiana, Guyana, Nicaragua, Peru,
Suriname and Venezuela​.  We are asking our collaborators for 10-15 hours
of recordings (if possible), selected from their database in order to
obtain a more representative sample on group sizes and behaviors,
collaborators will be acknowledged as co-authors on the publication. We are
going to run the analysis on Beluga and ARTwarp these tools allow us to
extract and compare the whole contour of the sounds, and have showed
excellent results on the differentiation of calls from bottlenose dolphins
and orcas. If you are in one of the countries listed above, or another
country, but willing to collaborate please contact me (botogabriel at gmail.com)
or Dr. May-Collado (lmaycollado at gmail.com).

Best regards,

Gabriel Melo-Santos

Gabriel Melo Alves dos Santos
Doutorando em Teoria e Pesquisa do Comportamento (Ecoetologia)
Universidade Federal do Pará
BioMA - Biologia e Conservação de Mamíferos Aquáticos da Amazônia
LOBio - Laboratório de Ornitologia e Bioacústica

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